Powerful Information Capture

Kofax Express™ enables companies to control the flow of information entering their enterprise by converting stacks of paper into electronic actionable and managed business content that can be stored and archived. This powerful package makes it easy for anyone to quickly scan, index and export documents.

Easy for beginners and flexible for experts, Kofax Express automates the process of indexing and tagging documents, reducing the time and complexity to archive information. Data captured by Kofax Express can be submitted into more than 100 different back end systems including Microsoft® SharePoint, ECM, BPM, archives and systems of record.


Intuitive & User Friendly Interface

Kofax Express utilises the same interface as Microsoft® Office 2007 applications.Operators can execute commands with a single mouse click for faster adoption and greater productivity.

Highest Image Quality

Innovative SmoothView™ technology enables users to manipulate multiple document images with ease. Users can find, replace, gather, zoom, divide, rotate, swap, order and place document images in ways you never thought possible with a stack of paper. In addition, with the included Kofax VRS Elite®, (patented image perfection Software) makes images look better than their paper originals without any pre-scan document preparation or setup.

Data and Zonal Recognition

Kofax Express automatically extracts index field data from documents using (Optical Character Recognition) for text, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) for handwriting. It automatically extracts index field data. Users can train Kofax Express to locate the key index information in a document and Kofax Express will automatically remember that location and extract the data from future documents. This reduces the time it takes to process documents and makes indexing easier.

Rubber Band Recognition

Kofax Express users can now easily index documents by selecting the text in the document with their mouse. Kofax Express automatically populates the index field with the information highlighted by the user, saving keystrokes and speeding document indexing.


Bar Code Capabilities

The enhanced bar code engine in Kofax Express can read the most commonly used 1D and 2D bar codes, even those obscured with stamps, handwriting or coffee cup stains. Scanning in colour improves accuracy further, thus allowing flawless decoding of bar codes at low resolutions (100 or 150 dpi). Kofax Express detects all bar codes wherever they are placed on a page, even when they are skewed at angles.

Watched Folder

Kofax Express will automatically processes images (TIFF, BMP, JPEG and PDF) uploaded to a watched folder as if they were delivered from a scanner. This feature enables Kofax Express to process images from sources such as MFPs, faxes and saved images, thereby giving you a single interface to your back-end repository for all images from all sources.

Searchable PDF

The Searchable PDF feature includes live text with PDF images, enabling users to easily and accurately search for information in PDF documents.

Image Compression

Image compression captures crisp, clear colour images whilst delivering a small file size of black and white images for quicker downstream processing and improved efficiency.

Validation Scripts and Database Lookup

Using VB.NET, administrators can create validation scripts for enforcing business rules, looking up data multiple databases sources, or validating data entered into a field.

Scalable and Extendable

Kofax Express supports the ability to add additional workstations for indexing, recognition, and export. This flexibility provides the ability to deploy additional processing power and stations to improve the throughput of their system.

Point-and-Click Rescan

When a page is scanned with a folded corner, a forgotten sticky note still affixed, or even a double-feed that escaped detection, there is no choice but to rescan. In these instances the “Point-and-Click Rescan” option makes the process as painless as possible by inserting the rescanned document in the correct position in the batch without rescanning the entire batch.

Flexible Document Separation

Kofax Express can separate groups of documents automatically, therefore eliminating the need to scan documents one at a time. Just fill the auto document feeder (ADF) to its capacity and Kofax Express divides the batch into individual document groups automatically based on patch codes, bar codes or inserted blank pages. Kofax Express process documents faster than ever before by of keeping the scanner in continuous operation whilst handling the separation.

Post-Scan Processing with Kofax VRS Corrections

If Kofax Express encounters a poor quality document where it can’t convert it into a legible image, it doesn’t shut down the scanner and wait for a fix. Instead, its VRS Corrections feature reserves the image for later inspection and correction by the operator without needing to rescan the document. Kofax Express retains enough information from the original that the operator can manually correct the image after scanning completion, which allows the scanner to run without pause.

Visual Undo History

Everyone relies on the Undo button. But undo enough steps and it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve come from. That’s why Kofax Express includes a Visual Undo History feature that shows the sequence of processes that were done, or undone, on any document image.

Integration with SharePoint and Other Systems

Tight integration with Microsoft® SharePoint enables Kofax Express to index, classify and deliver documents and data into SharePoint for easy and fast retrieval. An export API is also available for custom or advanced export use cases.

Optimised for Higher Performance

Kofax Express was designed to take full advantage of the latest processing technologies in your computer. By means of enabling multiple scan and image processing functions to run simultaneously, Kofax Express drives your scanner at rated speed, thus resulting in the highest throughput possible.

Background Export

Background Export complements Searchable PDF and image compression. By processing these file types in the background; the operator can continue to scan productively in the foreground. Background export is also useful for large standard PDF or TIFF exports.

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