Touchless Processing

Kofax automatically classifies captured information by document type, extracts information from the documents, converts it into data and validates the information is correct. This can all be accomplished with little or no manual intervention.

The documents and data are then delivered to SharePoint where the information populates column data whilst triggering business rules and workflows. Higher accuracy and enhanced information and data improve the accuracy of your downstream business processes.



Kofax enables better decision making by harnessing accumulated knowledge and enabling better mining of data and business intelligence, thereby offering greater value to the organisation.

Once information is securely and accurately delivered to Microsoft® SharePoint, Kofax TotalAgility can then manage the complete business process, automating the entire process from start to finish.

Total Agility delivers:


Reduced costs

and reduced processing time through touchless processing

Fewer errors

by lowering or removing manual steps

Improved compliance


Overall reduced risk

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