Thinking about Automating Accounts Payable?

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9 Reasons to automate:

  • Visibility and Control
  • Compliance and Anti-Fraud
  • Improved Bottom Line
  • Timely and Correct Financial Reports
  • Early Payment Discounts
  • Improved Cash Flow Management
  • Current process will not scale with growth
  • Physical filing and retrieval of paper is time consuming
  • Processing times are too long

Manual processing has its drawbacks. It’s slow, obscure and you lack control. Not sure where invoices are in the process or what outstanding liabilities are involved?  It takes a lot of manpower and there is always a risk for clerical errors. Research shows automation saves time and has cost-savings. A greater percentage of companies reported “lower average costs using electronic invoices, rather than paper ones” and that “greater adoption of automation also appears to be playing a key role in reducing error rates in invoice entry and payments.”¹ If you’re clinging to manual processing in your accounts payable, it might be time to take a look at automation.Let us show you how!