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Improve Operational Performance

Integrate an Xcellerate IT business process automation solution with your backend document management systems to automatically capture, manage, store, file, preserve and dispose of documents across the organisation.

Our solutions facilitate daily operations and planning by automatically onboarding different document types and feeding the data into your records management systems, your CRM system and/or your enterprise content management systems.



We can apply automated, integrated solutions to areas in the records management department, the mailroom, the finance department and other areas where you have high volume, high throughput documents that require a lot of touch.

We transform the way you onboard documents by implementing clever ways to automatically capture and extract data using fields, content or barcodes. We then route the data to your document management system via smart backend integration.

Get in touch with one of our Business Process Specialists who will work with you to clearly understand your requirements and identify a solution tailored to your business needs.