The Approval Challenge

Organisations are challenged with process inefficiencies and lack of an accurate audit trail during manual exception handling. The overall outcome is often sub-optimal compliance and strained customer/supplier relationships.


Paper based processes create additional workloads and added responsibilities for departmental managers and workers throughout the workplace.

Accounts Payable departments in today’s organisations operate under increasingly strict and yet fluctuating requirements.

From satisfying external customer demands, to meeting increasingly stringent financial controls and internal margins, much depends on the success and efficiency of the accounts payable team.

Technology is changing the way accounts payable departments function. Automation is driving productivity and efficiency, as well as cost reduction.

Enter the age of the Integrated Accounts Payable Solution

To ensure invoices are promptly paid and mishandling does not compromise hard-earned business relationships, organisations are increasingly depending on an integrated accounts payable solution with their back-end enterprise system.

Essential Benefits  tick


Audit Trail

An Audit Trail of every touch point (manual or system) that is applied to each transaction is produced automatically


Management have visibility of outstanding work by monitoring transactions, statistics and service levels using easy-to-use bar charts.


Work is delivered to the correct user in the correct sequence, whilst taking any company defined Delegation of Authority rules into account. 


Straight through processing allows users to focus only on tasks that require exception handling

Tungsten solution

The workflow platform provides sophisticated, web-based and email-enabled work distribution combined with a complete audit trial of actions taken.

  • The solution offers management with a comprehensive view of all active and completed work, the work item status and performance against pre-defined service levels.

  • The solution delivers complete end-to-end automation, empowering people, reducing paperwork and providing the necessary tools to manage and track business critical information.

  • The solution enables organisation to adopt and adhere to best principles in Accounts Payable Automation and enhance corporate governance with the integration to back-end financial system.

The Tungsten platform is an enterprise-wide solution that can be expanded outside the Accounts Payable Department, having the ability to integrate into other line-of-business applications. 

More benefits:



Enables an opportunity to educate suppliers and internal users on how to adhere to the new business practices – support to streamline AP automation.


Minimises the chasing of invoice approvals and authorisations – Reports can now be generated providing all the necessary information.


Tracking and visibility of invoices – The accounts payable team will know where all invoices are at, who the invoices are with and why, and what the exception conditions are without relying on physical pieces of paper and manual reports.


Improved visibility of invoices and better cash flow management by providing accurate information on the soft commitments that are in the organisation but outside of the finance system.


Increases productivity of staff which will enable better internal practices for tasks such as reconciliation at month-end and policy & procedures.


Reduction in organisational costs and better effectiveness in handling invoices.


An enterprise platform to further streamline highly repetitive, time sensitive, human touch processes.


  • Human Resources – personal files, time sheets, leave forms etc
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Contract Processing
  • Policies and Procedures
  • OH&S

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