Accelerate Accounts Receivable Processes with Automation

Automate the manual processes of matching remittance advice information with invoices and reconciling them in your ERP to positively impact your bottom line. By reducing manual payment allocation, eliminating bank fees, allocating cash more quickly and improving visibility, your accounts receivable department will operate more efficiently and cost-effectively while improving customer service.

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Major challenges within Accounts Receivable Processes

  • Too manual, repetitive and labour intensive
  • Time-consuming and closing cycle takes too long
  • Heavily paper-based process
  • Moving data across too many systems
  • Processing errors that cause delays

The Accounts Receivable Officer is responsible for:

  • Allocating payments within ERP
  • Ensuring exceptions are handled efficiently
  • Manually printing, sorting and processing email remittances 
  • Posting customer payments by recording cash, checks and credit card transactions
  • Updating receivables by totaling unpaid invoices
  • Resolving invalid or unauthorised deductions by following pending deductions procedures

The Credit Controller is responsible for:

  • Downloading and printing bank transaction information and all customer remittance advice, daily
  • Sorting remittances manually by descending total amount
  • Matching remittances against the bank transactions for each customer
  • Monitoring debtor balances to ensure a reduction in debtor's DSO
  • Reconciling complex accounts that have escalated from the Accounts Receivable team

Power Order-to-Cash Efficiency with Accounts Receivable Automation

Our Accounts Receivable automation solution can automatically:

  • Import remittances from emails or scanners
  • Import payment details from your bank’s website
  • Lookup corresponding invoice and supplier information from ERP
  • Match the amount in the remittance document with the bank payment details to confirm the payment is received
  • Allocate the payment against the invoice line in the backend ERP system

When you replace manual work with best-practice automated processing in Accounts Receivable, you reduce costs, improve cash flow and cash flow forecasting, and drive greater Order-to-Cash processing performance.



Kofax TotalAgility - A SINGLE Platform Approach

Kofax TotalAgility is a flagship solution that combines a native mix of interoperable automation technologies and artificial intelligence to make information-intensive business processes more efficient, more precise and faster. It allows you to automate accounts receivable processes, accounts payable processes and much more with a single platform.

A step-by-step example of Accounts Receivable Automation:


Icon 1


A Robot downloads the Bank statement

Icon 2


Remittances received via email as an attachment  

Icon 3


Kofax TotalAgility reads, checks and retrieves data from the remittances to match payments

Icon 4


If the transaction matches, Kofax TotalAgility creates electronic payment files and saves them into the ERP. If there is no match, human assistance is required to match the remittances

Icon 5


Kofax TotalAgility creates electronic payment files and allocates the payment against invoices in the ERP

Icon 6



Users can process electronic payment files in many formats such as .csv, .xml, .txt, .api 

Key Benefits

tick Drive Digital Transformation  

Enable the transformation from physical to fully digital interactions in any key business process.

tick Achieve Operational Excellence and Enhance Worker Productivity  

Deploy intelligent business processes to greatly reduce costs. Increase the efficiency of all interactions and enhance the productivity of workers through automation.

tick Improve information visibility and accuracy  

Digitise paper for better access and compliance.

tick Deliver Total Enterprise Agility  

Create business value at every customer engagement touch-point. Reduce cost, while handling greater volumes of transactions.


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