Xcellerate IT provide not only an outstanding AP Automation platform (Tungsten Total Agility), their service is exceptional. Their point of difference is not only their platform, but their team's dedication and passion to deliver an excellent solution for their customers. Their team is solution focused, collaborative, accommodating and pragmatic. We are implementing their solution in a highly complex environment and have had a seamless experience. I highly recommend XIT and their product. 5 stars from me!

Matisha Angus
Consultant & Project Lead P2P - Ignite

Our organisation has been with Xcellerate IT since 2009. From the beginning of our journey to now Xcellerate IT has proven to be a market leader, offering a great invoice scanning and OCR solution that integrates seamlessly with financial management information systems. The relationship is not just as another vendor, but of being a business partner invested in our ongoing efficiencies that in turn support a positive relationship with our suppliers, as well as the overall success of technologies in our organisation.

Cathy Gavin
Finance & Tax Accountant, Campbelltown City Council

By automating business processes, we have reduced costs significantly, improved information visibility and accuracy, and enhanced the productivity of our team.

Xcellerate IT did an excellent job of understanding our requirements and delivering a powerful, customised solution within the specified timeframe. The user-friendly software, combined with effective knowledge transfer from Xcellerate IT, meant that we were able to hit the ground running on day one.

Prior to automating, we had 6 accounts receivable team members spend a combined 36 hours per month on remittance reconciliation. Today, just 1 member of the team can complete the process in 6 hours. This digital transformation has empowered us to work smarter, not harder.

This solution has removed the time consuming need to consolidate information from multiple sources such as paper, accounting systems, spreadsheets and notes. We now have full visibility of the entire accounts receivable process and all the data we need is right at our fingertips.

Phil Bailey
Shared Services Manager, Onsite Rental Group

Before automating AP, we would typically have over 500 unread emails and around 2700 invoices waiting to be processed. Today we have 12 unread emails and only 350 invoices waiting in the work queue. During this time, we have more than doubled our invoice volume yet only needed to add an additional 0.5 full time employee to the AP team, providing us massive productivity benefits.

Xcellerate IT had the experience, skill and technology we were looking for in a business process automation partner. We were very confident that the proposed solution would meet all of our needs now and in the future.

We are loving the new paperless process. Our workflow is much more efficient and we now have full visibility over invoices across all our centralised schools.

The solution has allowed invoices to be centrally stored and easily retrieved. We now have the tools and methodology in place to track invoices and settle accounts much more efficiently. Xcellerate IT provided an automation solution that has already demonstrated a clear return on investment. The solution has completely transformed the Accounts Payable department and can also be scaled to other areas of the business in the future.

Emily Luchetti
Financial Accountant at the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong

As the transportation sector boomed, we looked for ways to cost-effectively manage our rising accounts payable workload. By moving to intelligent, automated, electronic invoicing, the organisation has boosted accuracy, increased productivity and cut processing times from days to minutes.

We selected Xcellerate IT for their extensive experience in Accounts Payable automation. They understood our requirements and were able to develop a tailored solution to meet our specific needs. Their proven record of integration with TechnologyOne financials meant that partnering with Xcellerate IT was the right decision for us.

Invoices received via email are now directly forwarded to the Accounts Payable staff for processing without the need to manually print out and approve hard-copies.

Since implementation, we have experienced far greater end-to-end process efficiency, control and visibility, backed by Xcellerate IT's exceptional, on-going support.

Chris Olds
Executive General Manager of Business Services at VicTrack

We had meetings with other vendors but selected Xcellerate IT due to their knowledge of our finance system and the unique accounting procedures of a higher education organisation.

Out of all IT/Finance projects, the Xcellerate IT solution was the easiest solution to implement. The whole solution was delivered within a 3 month turn-around.

Our manual data entry process has been reduced by a minimum of 70%. Since we went live, Xcellerate IT’s solution has enabled the Accounts Payable Department to gain better control of our incoming supplier invoices and we now have a more efficient process.

The soft savings we have gained such as compliance to audit and risk governance, reduced processing times, improved vendor relationships from on-time payments and visibility of supplier payments have made the solution cost effective since day one.

The solution provided by Xcellerate IT went above and beyond our initial expectations and allows for future development. This opens the doors to other financial processes beyond accounts payable, such as payroll and HR forms.

Michael Lapolla
Director - Strategic Financial Solutions, Victoria University

Xcellerate IT has been our trusted partner for almost a decade. The team is very experienced, and the support has always been great, so we were excited to extend this relationship by implementing their cloud-based accounts payable automation solution.

The new solution has made life much easier. One week after going live, we experienced some unrelated issues resulting in the integration with our on-premises solutions being unavailable. We decided to continue using Tungsten AP Essentials to process invoices, but we were unable to export to our finance system, creating a backlog. When we were finally able to restart our solutions, including system integration, all invoices and images uploaded to TechnologyOne without a hitch. I was very relieved and impressed with the accuracy of data coming out of Tungsten AP Essentials.

Stuart Cardwell
Enterprise Systems Solutions Officer (Finance), Yarra Ranges Council

Xcellerate IT was very flexible and provided assistance to ensure the project implementation was achieved on time and below budget. It is still early to identify dollar savings. However, certainly the business goals of achieving a simple solution to resolve invoice queries promptly was obvious from the first day, due to the ease of accessing detailed information from the source documents electronically. We have been able to build processes that were once a manual task into an automated process, thereby saving up to 40hrs per week of staff-time reviewing and processing invoices.

Liz Bramich
Assistant Director Finance, South West Healthcare

The Xcellerate IT solution represents one of the best ‘Value for Money’ technology advancements undertaken in recent times by Council. The solution has provided us with the opportunity to refine our processes and take advantage of complimentary TechnologyOne Financials functionality to produce an overall solution that provides faster, more efficient invoice processing at a reduced cost. Staff time savings and increased job satisfaction are significant. We are very happy with the service delivered, the professionalism, the accounts payable and TechnologyOne knowledge of the consultants and all project plans.

Mark Taylor
Financial Accounting Manager, Sunshine Coast Regional Council

We were dealing with such an information explosion in paper form, we knew we had to make a strategic growth investment to become as automated, paperless and efficient as possible. We considered many vendors and extensively evaluated several different solution. While some solution providers were clearly in ‘selling’ vs. ‘helping’ mode, we had a high degree of confidence in Xcellerate IT from the start. They really listened to and understood our needs. And they invested their time and expertise to show us exactly why and how Tungsten Capture™ was clearly the best solution for us.

We still have some segregation of duty. Commercial operations can use the purchase order system within Finance 1. Smaller operations can still rely on honorary treasurers to buy things from local suppliers. But now, when the invoices arrive at Shared Services headquarters, they are imaged, scanned and instantly accessible. So when a supplier rings the help desk to check on an invoice, they can get a real-time disposition.

With our former system, if a state accountant wanted to see what a site manager had done, he would have to write our head office and we’d photocopy or scan a document and mail or email it to him. This process could often take a week or more. With Tungsten, there is no time lapse. He/she can sit in their office and have instantaneous access to documentation for which he/she is responsible. This is a fantastic innovation. We’ve been a Tungsten Automation customer for five years and the product is brilliant, easy to use and incredibly accurate.

Norris L. Dudgeon
Shared Services Group Manager, The Salvation Army

We considered other vendors but selected Xcellerate IT based on their integration experience with our ERP system and extensive expertise in deploying similar solutions with other Councils. Xcellerate IT's team met our IT and AP personnel to specify and design a solution tailor made for our requirements. The system was implemented on time and within budget and has allowed the City of Parramatta Council to save costs with a ROI of approximately 2 years.

This solution has allowed Parramatta City Council to streamline its payment process and therefore save costs and allow resources to be dedicated to more value-added tasks. We now spend less time on data entry, searching through paper files and answering internal and external queries.

We have become a paperless department where invoices are received via emails. Invoices now come straight to one central point and can be checked by all the relevant personnel to ensure it is consistent with the PO. Invoices are now paid faster and suppliers are therefore happier.

Veronica Correa
Accounts Payable Team Leader, Parramatta City Council