TotalAgility’s industry leading support for Dynamic Case Management delivers support for non-standardised and unpredictable processes, whilst improved operational performance visibility is delivered throughout the accessibility of user defined dashboards and process analytics.

Business Process Management Kofax Xcellerate IT

TotalAgility allows users to modify business processes in real time, therefore allowing clients to modify business processes rapidly in response to changing market conditions.

Additionally, advanced workflow rules can guarantee compliance to industry regulations. Integration with on and off premise data repositories allow organisations to easily extract business data and apply it to their business processes without any hassle.

Tungsten TotalAgility delivers industry leading out of the box integration with the Microsoft® portfolio, interacting effortlessly with Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Exchange. The software also supports integration with Microsoft® Lync for collaboration, as well as non-Microsoft® products, such as HP Trim.


TotalAgility is a Business Process Management (BPM) suite delivering process design, execution, monitoring and optimisation power through two user interfaces: the TotalAgility Builder and the TotalAgility Workspace. All functionality is seamlessly accessible across these two environments, thereby providing one coherent tool for managing your complete business process solution.

Kofax Total Agility Builder and Workspace

Process Design

TotalAgility Builder is a straightforward visual environment for modeling, design, analysis, simulation and testing of processes.

BPMN Compliant

Construction of BPMN compliant process flows is performed graphically using a ‘drag-and-drop’ approach which has been designed to support a faster model-to-deployment time and to deliver ‘Zero Code’ systems.

Case Management

Unlike competing systems, TotalAgility supports both BPM and Case Management business processes within a single platform and for no additional cost.

Webform Design

The TotalAgility web form designer enables the rapid creation of HTML5 compliant web forms that are raised during process execution. These web forms can be rendered on any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Process Execution

Execution of TotalAgility processes takes place in the TotalAgility Workspace. TotalAgility has a standalone process execution engine that guides processes toward completion, orchestrating the blend of system and human activities.

Line of Business Integration

Rather than having to perform application switching during the search for customer information, TotalAgility can integrate with data where ever it resides within or external to an organization, as well as present that information in context to the employee through the workspace

Microsoft SharePoint

TotalAgility extends the support for simple processes contained within SharePoint to deliver support for complex business processes using BPM. Tight SharePoint integration is crucial for Case Management processes which are often very content heavy.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For organisations that have deployed Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM application, TotalAgility can transform how they deliver customer service processes. TotalAgility empowers customer facing employees using Dynamics by delivering support for complex, unpredictable business processes that can often trip up customer service organisations.


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