Kofax TotalAgility is the world’s first unified digital transformation platform.

TotalAgility provides an essential link between an organisation’s systems of engagement and systems of record to help increase responsiveness to customers, improve service levels and gain competitive advantage in order to better manage and grow businesses while greatly reducing operating costs.

TotalAgility combines information capture, business process management (BPM), dynamic case management, collaboration, mobility and analytics to solve the First Mile challenges of effectively processing real-time, information-rich customer and supplier interactions.

Streamline Decision Making

TotalAgility provides the essential connection between your systems of engagement and systems of record. Information collected from customers and suppliers, third party services, and internal systems can be work-flowed through the solution as an automatic and accurate "straight-through process". This information can be presented to knowledge workers in an integrated way to streamline human decision-making. 



Facilitate Mobile Applications

TotalAgility leverages Kofax Mobile Capture to empower organisations to engage customers on their mobile devices for sales and service with content that is unique to them—for both information capture as well as for process status, confirmations, approvals, exception resolutions, obtaining trailing documents, and changes requiring their attention.

Insightful Business Intelligence and Actionable Analytics

Kofax Insight combines process monitoring and analysis with visualisations, analytics and data integration to deliver complete end-to-end process visibility providing organisations with the ability to analyse the effectiveness of their business processes. Including a pre-packaged bundle of metrics, dashboards and reports, the solution also allows organisations the ability to create new reports and dashboards based on a library of best practices metrics, and features pre-built content for capture-based processes.


Off-the-Shelf Flexible Integration

TotalAgility offers a variety of pre-built connector and web services which allow customers to accelerate the implementation of their solution and to leverage and extend their existing software assets. It also leverages the power of Kofax Kapow to flexibly access web and digital data sources through the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Digital Transaction Management

TotalAgility leverages Kofax SignDoc to remove the need for “wet signatures” – the last barrier between hybrid paper/digital and fully digital processes.


Gain a Competitive Advantage

TotalAgility increases the efficiency and responsiveness of information-intensive business processes. It combines multichannel information capture, process management, case management, collaboration, mobility and analytics into a unified platform—eliminating the need to integrate disparate products. The result is lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment, while avoiding the need to modify existing systems of record. With TotalAgility, organisations respond faster to customers, increase employee productivity for more agile, flexible and competitive environments.

A Versatile Platform

TotalAgility provides multichannel capture, business process dynamic case management, mobile and analytics capabilities in the world’s first single, fully-integrated product offering.

Essential functions in today's business operations tick


Optimise the Customer Experience

By delivering responsive, dynamic business processes that maximise self-service models, TotalAgility improves responsiveness and enhances the customer’s experience and engagement.

Provide Mobile Access

TotalAgility extends information capture capabilities, smart process interactions and HTML 5 interfaces to any mobile device, to improve collaboration and reduce time and cost from information-intensive business processes.

Reduce Operating Costs

TotalAgility reduces error-prone manual processing and latency while improving customer satisfaction, competitive positioning and profitability.

Integrate With Any System

Integrates with systems of record to create an essential link to customers, in the manner in which they want to communicate, without labour and cost-intensive modifications to legacy applications.

A Unique Platform

Only TotalAgility:

Provides multichannel capture, business process and dynamic case management, mobile and analytics capabilities in the world’s first single, unified product offering

Easily integrates with any system of engagement and system of record and provides an essential link between the two, minimising the need for legacy system modifications

Is built on a highly flexible and scalable architecture

Is available on-premise or as a hosted SaaS subscription offering

Can be centrally installed, deployed and administered

Offers a simple, value-based pricing model

Analytics for TotalAgility

Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility allows organisations using Kofax TotalAgility to quickly and accurately discover and address critical issues that, if left unchecked, would lead to operational problems or missed opportunities.

By exposing previously unattainable insights, organisations can proactively impact their operational efficiency and mitigate the risks of non-compliant operational processes.

Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility provides the ability to gain clear and immediate insight required to optimise business processes. The solution allows organisations to create new reports and dashboards based on a library of best practices metrics – and features pre-built content for capture-based processes. It includes a pre-packaged bundle of metrics, dashboards and reports.

Using this additional power, businesses have access to a full breadth of business intelligence for all of their Kofax TotalAgility project data.


Best practice dashboard libraries

Organisations get a unified view of their entire operation, while also delivering the ability to quickly drill into the details of individual tasks managed by their TotalAgility environment.

Operational investigation

Through a variety of interactions with dashboard components, users are able to quickly drill into, filter and otherwise investigate operational data to discover important operating conditions and diagnose root causes.

Information when it’s needed

By providing access to operational metrics and analyses in near real-time, organisations can use the most up-to-date information in their decision-making processes.

Rapidly customisable

The solution empowers non-technical users to create and share dashboards tailored to their unique operational requirements. This ensures that each user can always have access to the best analysis for their particular purpose.

Get in touch with one of our Business Process Specialists who will work with you to clearly understand your requirements and identify a solution tailored to your business needs.