Accounts Payable Automation

Automate end-to-end AP operations to provide better visibility, control, efficiency and cash management. The benefits of Accounts Payable automation are proven and documented for companies small and large. Major reductions in invoice processing cycle times and costs, near total visibility into documentation and metrics and seamless ERP integration are creating hyper-efficient Accounts Payable departments that are also strategic hubs of business intelligence.


Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual data entry and complement your existing business process automation platform with robotic process automation, an intelligent digital workforce that eliminates data entry errors, delivers 100 percent data accuracy and slashes processing times—at a fraction of the cost of a human workforce. Not only will you immediately benefit from a swift implementation and lightning-fast ROI, but you’ll free employees from data entry to deliver a better customer experience.

Digital Mailroom

Deploy digital mailroom automation software comprising capture and business process management technology to automatically extract and validate information from incoming business mail (paper and electronic formats and channels) and convert it to structured electronic information that feeds business processes and systems across the enterprise.


Business Process Management

TotalAgility’s industry leading support for Dynamic Case Management delivers support for non-standardised and unpredictable processes, whilst improved operational performance visibility is delivered throughout the accessibility of user defined dashboards and process analytics. TotalAgility allows users to modify business processes in real time, therefore allowing clients to modify business processes rapidly in response to changing market conditions.

Process Intelligence

Process intelligence adds the missing ingredients that common business intelligence (BI), business process management and other products lack—the ability to see and understand actual process flows and to take action instantly on the insights you gain. Through process intelligence, you are empowered with the details necessary to determine root cause, uncover opportunities for operational improvement and quickly make changes that positively impact your customers, your partners and your business.

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