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June 2019

Success Story for Local Government Council

Campbelltown City Council has partnered with Xcellerate IT to take advantage of accounts payable automation built using the Kofax TotalAgility platform and integrated with TechnologyOne Ci, further streamlining their operations.

“Continuing our longstanding partnership with Xcellerate IT has opened the door for us to overcome barriers that previously proved insurmountable,” said Cathy Gavin, Senior Financial Accountant at Campbelltown City Council. “From reducing our overhead costs to streamlining interactions with suppliers, the use of accounts payable automation is a vital part of our transformation journey and has improved our capacity tenfold.”   

THE Challenge

As one of the largest metropolitan centres in New South Wales, Campbelltown City Council had worked tirelessly to provide the community it serves with forward-thinking solutions, facilities, and other innovations for decades. 

However, these duties also meant heavy workloads, as the centre had struggled to process over 2,500 invoices per month. Though the organisation had already partnered with Xcellerate IT in 2009 to utilise the Kofax Capture and Transformation Module platforms, it was clear that it was time to upgrade.

This time around, Campbelltown City Council would need a powerful new solution for business process automation: one that would allow it to maintain response times for queries, improve processing cycle times and minimise resource costs.

“We were searching for something that would help us further drive efficiencies in finance and streamline end-to-end business process handling, whether it involved simple mobile engagement or complex business documents,” said Cathy Gavin, Senior Financial Accountant at Campbelltown City Council. “Just like they did back in 2009, we knew Xcellerate IT could once again help us find and integrate that all-in-one resource.”  


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THE Solution

To overcome these challenges, Campbelltown City Council turned to the best solution available: Kofax TotalAgility, a modern and intelligent platform designed to automate business workflows. As such, this innovative remedy enabled Campbelltown City Council to streamline their accounts payable automation process; all without restricting their ability to expand automation towards other facets of their organisation, should they wish to in the future.

Xcellerate IT’s swift integration strategy allowed Campbelltown City Council to implement Kofax TotalAgility into its day-to-day operations as quickly as possible without sacrificing overall effectiveness. The leading business process automation provider’s customised approach was crafted with Campbelltown City Council’s unique needs in mind, from granting them the capacity to successfully manage over 2,500 monthly invoices to increasing employee productivity.

Armed with advanced tools like cognitive capture, which extracts, validates, and matches payments with information received from emails sent to the organisation, Campbelltown's upgrade to Kofax TotalAgility was an easy and effective answer to their growing needs.

“From the get-go, we knew that our accounts payable automation strategy could work wonders for Campbelltown City Council and their increasing requirements,” said Howard Boretsky, Managing Director at Xcellerate IT. “Kofax TotalAgility was perfect for solving every problem they experienced, from increasing their overall capacity to revealing complex analytics that can help them optimise their workflow. Thanks to our help in integrating this intelligent business process automation technology, Campbelltown City Council is more than prepared for whatever the future holds.”

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Campbelltown City Council’s longstanding and trusted relationship with Xcellerate IT further proved its success with the organisation’s upgrade from Kofax Capture and Transformation Module to the new and improved Kofax TotalAgility platform. 

Upon integration, Campbelltown City Council began experiencing immediate results, including benefits like a reduction of workforce requirements, improved processing of more than 2,500 invoices per month, cost & resource savings, and increased capacity. Furthermore, the rate of its ROI has increased thanks to TotalAgility’s quick start capture workflows and pre-configured solutions for invoice processing and accounts payable automation. The efficiencies realised through workflow response times both with suppliers and internal staff facilitates an efficient and fast turnaround in payment for our valued suppliers.

Today, Campbelltown City Council has successfully overcome its previous challenges by empowering staff, streamlining supplier interactions and “future-proofing” its workforce for years to come. As such, the organisation’s use of accounts payable automation has opened the door for it to redirect attention towards other, more valuable ventures to support its mission of remaining one of the largest and most trusted regional community centres in New South Wales.



CAMPbelltown City Council

Campbelltown City Council, founded in 1882, is a leader in Local Government – a forward thinking organisation committed to innovation, best practice, continuous improvement and enhancing community life. The area is located about 55 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district and comprises 312 square kilometres.



Campbelltown City Council





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20 Oct 2021
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