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SSON Accounts Payable Automation Survey

Accounts Payable is responsible for so much more than just paying incoming bills and invoices, particularly given today's global challenges. In partnership with Kofax, SSON ran an industry wide Accounts Payable Automation Maturity survey, gaining insights from all over the world into how companies are growing their payables efficiency.

Download this report for more on the results of the survey and discover:

  • Why monitoring and analysing cash flow is often overlooked in Accounts Payable operations—and how this impacts business continuity
  • The most common organisational models deployed for Accounts Payable and the impacts on efficiency
  • Key drivers for automating POs/invoices and how these intersect with greater spending control, error reduction and faster reconciliations
  • Untapped automation opportunities, recommendations for getting started and considerations for a cloud-based model

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