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Kofax Benchmark Study Part 2 - Automation at Scale


The Kofax 2020 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study

Part 2: Automation at Scale: Bridging the Gap Between IT and the Business

Automation is more important than ever as organisations navigate today's global turbulence and contend with increasingly remote workforces, broken manual processes, fewer employees juggling more responsibility and surging new technology use cases.

In this environment, how can organisations achieve faster digital workflow transformation and reap the benefits of true intelligent automation at scale? This new Kofax-commissioned study, part two of a three part series conducted by Forrester Consulting, explores this question and more.

Download the study to discover:

  • Why IT decision-makers and "citizen developers" should align to drive faster and more agile delivery of automation
  • The top 3 capabilities business line managers seek in an automation platform
  • Why native cognitive capture is an essential built-in component in an automation platform
  • Key recommendations for identifying tools to support business users, prioritise agility and lower technical debt

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