Integration Solutions for your AP Software with Automation by Solution Experts

To ensure that you have the best records for your accounts payable department, you need to have the best AP solutions. When you mishandle invoices, you can end up not paying a supplier, overpaying, or otherwise having a problem. This could lead to you having to find a new supplier or other problems. With AP automation fully integrated into your existing AP software, you can ensure that you manage and organise your invoices and other documents. Xcellerate IT offers expert AP solutions and will ensure that you get the best program for your company and its needs.

Why is AP Automation Important?

AP automation captures and delivers the data on your invoices to the appropriate place, as well as processes certain invoices automatically. This ensures that you remain up to date on your all your accounts and never miss a payment. Additionally, it reduces the amount of information that needs to be keyed into your system by about 80 per cent. When an employee keys in the data to your AP software, there is always the chance of error. With the AP solution offered by Xcellerate IT, the included quality control checks significantly reduces the chance of error. The system also will automatically process and handle the invoice, or in the case of exception handling will send it strait to the person who needs it. This ensures you remain in compliance and continue to have a strong relationship with your suppliers. Additionally, you will have everything stored in an easy to access place that will prepare you for any audits.

How You Benefit with this AP Solution

By implementing the AP solution offered by Xcellerate IT, you will streamline your workflow and create a more efficient system for handling your accounts payable. This not only ensures that you remain in compliance, but it also cuts down on your overhead costs. You also greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to process each invoice or other document received. Managers and executives can easily create a report to see how the processes are being handled, as well as find ways to further improve the workflow. Your records will be consistently entered and organised, making it easy for anyone with appropriate access to search and find anything in your system. When you work with Xcellerate IT, you will have a company with experts in the industry that will integrate the system into your pre-existing software so that you can maximise your accounts payable management capabilities.

Why Choose Xcellerate IT for your AP Solutions

For more than 17 years, Xcellerate IT has provided automation services for accounts payable and other business processes to companies throughout Australia in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, education, government, and finance. Over the years, they have established a reputation as one of the leaders in the document delivery and capture marketplace. They use the highest quality programs and fully integrate them into many of the existing software and programs used for record keeping and accounts payable. They specialise in providing links between the Systems of Records and Systems of Engagement for a more seamless and efficient workplace. You can rely upon Xcellerate IT to provide you with the best system for automating your business processes.

28 Mar 2017
Author: Xcellerate IT
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