Solution to Improve Your Data Integrity: Document Capture Automation Solutions that Integrates with your Software

Your company most likely receives data in a variety of formats, including physical and digital, as well as from various portals. With such variety in your incoming data, it can lead to inconsistent data entry, which can make it difficult at time to access to the data in the future. Additionally, if you rely upon your staff to input the information, you run the risk of omissions or errors. With document capture automation, you can have a system in place that will seamlessly integrate the information into your existing programs. Xcellerate IT provides document capture software and other solutions to help you improve your data integrity, as well as reduce the overhead costs of your company.

How Does Document Capture Automation Work?

Document capture automation is a program that captures the incoming data from any platform. It can read the data regardless of the format or platform of receipt and input it into the appropriate place in your business management system. It bridges the gap between your system of records and system of engagement. When you receive invoices, forms, or other communication from clients, suppliers, and other people, the document capture software grabs the appropriate data. Then, it inputs it into the corresponding spot in your accounts payable, CRM, database, or record management system so that you can work on it. It also alerts the appropriate person about any action required. For some business processes, it will automatically perform the action according to the pre-set parameters. Xcellerate IT provides document capture solutions that match the requirements and goals of your company.

How you Benefit from a Document Capture Solution

With a business capture solution from Xcellerate IT, you will have improved efficiency and reduce your overhead costs. However, the most important benefit from document capture software is that your data will have fewer errors. This means that your data will be more reliable and accurate, which will not only ensure you perform day-to-day tasks correctly, but it will also help you remain in compliant and pass any audits or internal reviews. The business captures solutions with Xcellerate IT also provide easy to use analytics and reports for managers to monitor the workflow and take action when needed. When you use this system for your accounts payable, you will also ensure that all invoices are handled appropriately and on time, reducing the chance of missed payments, over payments, or duplicate payments, and keeping you on strong terms with all your suppliers.

Why Choose Xcellerate IT For Your Document Capture Solution

Xcellerate IT has over 17 years of experience providing business automation solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. Their expertise has earned them a reputation as one of the leading companies in the document delivery and capture market. They provide systems for a variety of processes, including record management, accounts payable, mailroom, and SharePoint Integration. They know exactly how to implement and integrate the system to seamlessly work while also providing you with the full capabilities of the program. With Xcellerate IT on your side, you can greatly improve your company’s data integrity, while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

28 Mar 2017
Author: Xcellerate IT
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