Best in Class Product for E Form Software and E5 Workflow Solution

One way to streamline your workflow and increase productivity is to implement an automated E5 workflow solution. This will automate many business processes, including your invoicing, to make it easier to manage and reduce any errors. Xcellerate IT will work with you to the best in class product for your new E5 workflow that will be fully integrated into Microsoft Sharepoint so you can leverage all of its capabilities, including using E Form software.

What Features Come with the E5 Workflow Software?

The quality E5 workflow software offered by Xcellerate IT makes it easy to manage and organise your business processes, including invoicing. The program manages all invoices in your company, including those sent for exception handling. This provides the opportunity for real time reporting that you can see at any time. Because of the automated nature of the program, your business processes will be fully transparent, which also will help you have a solid audit trail. It also automatically delivers all invoices to the right person, which means that you no longer have to do so manually. This reduces your worker’s time, as well as improves the accuracy of the invoices. The E5 Workflow also will apply all your business rules and guidelines in order to enforce the SLA’s, ensuring that you are in compliance. It also makes it easy to integrate E Form software, which allows you to have digital versions of all your paperwork, including invoices and purchase orders. The experienced technicians at Xcellerate IT will work with you to find the right E5 workflow solution for your company.

The Benefits of Using an E5 Workflow Solution

With E5 Workflow software, you will increase your company’s efficiency and productivity while reducing your bottom line. You will be able to organise and manage your documents, especially as E Form software will help you to digitise all your forms. You will see an increase in the speed it takes to complete process orders and invoice accounts when you incorporate the end-to-end automation. You can easily specify what aspect is automated and which need to be handled by a person. The streamlined abilities make it easier to optimise your performance, reduce the cycles, enhance your accountability, and improve quality control. Xcellerate IT will help you to set up and integrate the E5 Workflow with your Sharepoint so that you will have complete control and transparency of your business processes.

Streamline your Processes with Xcellerate IT

For over 17 years, Xcellerate IT has helped organisations throughout Australia to streamline their document delivery and implement business process automation solutions. Their expertise and knowledge have provided them with a solid reputation as one of the leading companies in the industry. They provide you with high quality programs that will streamline your workflow, linking the Systems of Records and Systems of Engagements, to help you improve your efficiency and productivity. With experience across a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, and government, you can rely upon Xcellerate IT on having expertise in what solutions will work for your company. They can help to streamline and automate any of your business processes to reduce your overhead costs and increase your productivity.

28 Mar 2017
Author: Xcellerate IT
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