Find the Best Integration Solutions for Business Process Automation and Enterprise Capture

One way to increase efficiency and streamline your company’s workflows is by linking your Systems of Engagement with your Systems of Record. You do not have to rely upon staff members to enter every item received into your system, which could lead to errors and omissions. With business process automation, you can easily implement enterprise capture to ensure that everything is input, managed, and organised correctly. When looking for integration solutions, you want to use the best programs. Xcellerate IT offers reputable and reliable systems that provide capture automation and other tasks to help create a more streamlined system with all the capabilities you need.

Why Link Systems of Engagement with Records?

Your system of engagement includes communication and other information that comes from customers and suppliers. This may come in the form of paper, faxes, emails, or a variety of file formats, including documents, PDF, TIFF or JPEG. Additionally, you may receive it in the mail, through mobile devices, on the Internet, or other types of data streams. Your System of Record is the areas where you process and record these interactions, which may include accounts payable software, databases, record keeping programs, CRM, and more. With business process automation, you can easily link the two areas. When you receive documents, capture automation will easily grab the important information and manage it according the parameters in place. Your employees no longer have to worry about entering the data; instead, they can concentrate on the more important aspects of their jobs. Xcellerate IT can provide integration solutions to streamline your workflow and reduce overhead costs.

How Does Enterprise Capture Work?

Business process automation does more than just scan the information and store it. The capture automation takes the important information from the received documents, whether an invoice, email, or other information, and puts it into the system to be processed. Much of the data will be automatically processed, organised, and handled, without anyone having to ever look at it. The important and actionable data will be sent directly to the person who needs to handle it. Enterprise capture solutions also include report capabilities that make it easy to manage the data and create reports. The data also has a reduced number of errors, helping to ensure you remain compliant. Around 80 per cent of your data will be entered automatically, greatly reducing the chance of errors during data input. Xcellerate IT provides the best integration solutions so that you can maximise your company’s workflow capabilities.

Integrate your Engagement and Records with Xcellerate IT

For over 17 years, the IT professionals at Xcellerate IT have helped companies integrate their Systems of Records and Systems of Engagement. They are leaders in the document delivery and capture industry, providing businesses with solutions for automating their business processes, including SharePoint integration, document delivery, accounts payable, records management, and the mailroom. They have experience working with a variety of industries, including finance, manufacturing, education, and healthcare. If you are looking for a way to streamline your processes, reduce overhead cost, and improve efficiency, then contact Xcellerate IT to implement an automated system. They work with high quality solutions, and they will integrate the system in a manner that maximises its capability.

28 Mar 2017
Author: Xcellerate IT
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