Automate your Business Processes with Kofax Software

One of the leading systems for automating a variety of business processes, including capturing digital and paper documents, is Kofax software. If you choose to integrate one of their systems into your existing program, you want to be sure to use a company with experience and knowledge in the program. With Xcellerate IT, you benefit from working with not only a trained company in Kofax solutions but also a Diamond Partner, a status that only 12 companies in the world have achieved.

What Can You Do With Kofax Software?

Kofax has a variety of solutions to help automate and manage your business process that can be integrated into a variety of software and systems. Xcellerate IT offers Capture, Analytics, KTM, VRS, Mobile Solutions, and Express. Capture is a program that will capture any type of document either digital or paper to make it easy to transfer them into actionable information for any business application or workflow, such as accounts payable or mailroom automation. You can enhance this with analytics, which provides you with real time information about your accounts as well as reports to help you improve your system. With Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), you will be able to streamline the transformation of the document to automatically sort, file and enter the processes, while VRS will check for any errors and ensure quality control. With mobile solutions, you can capture using a smartphone or tablet, and Express makes it easy for anyone to scan the documents into the system. The professionals at Xcellerate IT will work with you to determine which Kofax software solutions would work best with your company’s needs.

The Benefits of Automation

Automating your business processes helps to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and lower your overhead costs. Your staff can concentrate on performing more important work, rather than entering data. Additionally, you will reduce the amount of data errors that occur when entering it into the system. You can easily mark which documents require human intervention and which can be processed automatically by the system. You will also be able to monitor your workflow and optimise it for increased efficiently, which benefits your bottom line. Xcellerate IT provides automation solutions by Kofax, a leading company in the business process automation industry.

Why Choose Xcellerate IT

When looking for a company to implement your automation solution, you want one with years of experience, such as Xcellerate IT. They have over 17 years of experience as leaders in the document delivery and capture industry. Xcellerate IT continue to live up to their reputation as one of the leading providers of solutions for streamlining information flow through a company, and have achieved Diamond Partner status, something only a few companies have achieved. Therefore, you can rely upon them to correctly integrate all your systems to fully optimise the software while reducing the chance of any glitches or errors. Any business can benefit from automated systems, and Xcellerate IT can help. They have experience working across industries, including manufacturing, government, healthcare, education, and finance. Whatever your need for automation and capture, Xcellerate IT can work with you to find the right system to implement.

28 Mar 2017
Author: Xcellerate IT
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