Connecting Paper, People and Processes with RPA + CDA

Blog: Connecting paper, people and processes with RPA + CDA
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) + Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) = Smarter Processes

Complex data capture challenges are often best tackled with a powerful combination of RPA and CDA—a one-two punch that encompasses foundational AI and software robotics.

CDA automates the processing of unstructured data contained in documents and emails. From sales orders/ invoices and enrolment forms to claims, contracts and correspondence, CDA can process any document of importance to any business process. 

Whereas RPA is the repetitive 'handwork' of processing electronic data, CDA is the intelligent 'head work' of understanding what the document or email is about, what information it contains and what to do with it.

Whether capturing unstructured data in documents or accessing electronic data (structured data in systems), intelligent information
capture involves three stages: Acquire, Understand and Integrate.

Through these three stages, a comprehensive RPA + CDA workflow enables business to:
  • Acquire both documents and electronic data from numerous sources
  • Extract, aggregate and transform this data into intelligent, business-consumable content required by downstream
    processes and systems
  • Deliver the transformed data to the systems and processes that require it

Intelligent Information Capture - Acquire, Understand and Integrate

Source: Kofax 

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06 Feb 2020
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