Victoria University Embraces Cloud Solution

12 Jun 2020
In 2007, Victoria University was looking to automate their Accounts Payable processes and partnered with Xcellerate IT to build a solution based on the Kofax digital transformation platform, allowing them to efficiently manage an average of 30,000 invoices annually. The Accounts Payable solution was integrated with their back-end Financial ERP system called TechnologyOne which was implemented...
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Harnessing the combined power of Kofax ReadSoft Online and TechnologyOne Ci Anywhere

22 Apr 2020
Xcellerate IT, a leader in Business Process Automation, and TechnologyOne, a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, have been working together since 2005. This symbiotic relationship has yielded effective and streamlined accounts payable processing for their clients. Over the years, TechnologyOne has evolved their platform to a Software as a Service (SaaS) based model, offering users...
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Remote Workforces thrive with Cloud Based Accounts Payable Automation

09 Apr 2020
COVID-19 has forced many businesses to “Work Like Tomorrow” by making them shift to a remote workforce TODAY. Discussions around moving to a remote workforce boomed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and many employees have since been mandated to work from home. This shift to remote work is the result of social distancing measures implemented to help slow the spread of the virus. Working from...
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Benefits of Cloud-based  Invoice Processing, Kofax ReadSoft Online

08 Jan 2020
Whether your AP team works for a small, midsize or enterprise-level business, AP invoice automation will instantly add digital accountability to invoicing processes. Kofax ReadSoft OnlineTM , offers the combines benefits of the industry's leading cloud infrastructure and the proven quality and reliability of the most widely utilised solution provider for invoice processing. Benefits of SaaS...
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Accounts Payable (AP) Automation Elements for Success

10 Dec 2019
There are four elements necessary for AP success: Visibility, Collaboration, Control and Automation Visibility: It is a key factor in putting AP departments in prime position to be more successful, and gives an overall view of operations and establish standards on which to base strategies for performance improvement. According to the 2019 reports by both Ardent Partners: The state of ePayables...
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Power Your Accounts Payable Processes with ReadSoft Online

04 Nov 2019
Delivering accuracy and cost savings, ReadSoft Online makes your employees productive and processes more efficient. It’s the turnkey, SaaS-based solution for automating invoice processing in the cloud. See how ReadSoft Online automates invoice processing in this 3-minute demo. Source: Kofax Learn more about Kofax ReadSoft Online: https://www.xcellerateit.com.au/products/kofax-readsoft-online...
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